We are students

Some of us fail

Some misunderstood

Some prosper

Some are just late bloomers


You find yourself

Your crowd

Your personality

Your soul


Some get lost in the sea of drugs and hardship

Some get lost in the focus of the future


Some beat themselves up for every mistake

Some ignore their mistakes and  hide


But we are students

We are growing

We are learning


We so often loose our direction through the stress


Of the crowd

Of the work

Of what is expected of us


And we have to be guided

Towards our goals and towards our future


We need to be cared for and helped

Not to be treated as either golden

For our high grades and good work

Or treated as nothing

For our constant mistakes and hard times



You are our guidance

Our educators

Our way to a bright future


But how can we prosper if all won't understand

That we are students

We are human


Not all of us are golden at once

That we have our moments where we are dim

Where we need guidance


Where some of us are too prideful or too embarassed to step up and say

"I want to be golden so help me be found,"

"Help me shine as bright as I can,"

"Help me conquer my future."


We are students

Who spend the majority of our school lives feeling as if we are just a grade

Just a grade

That our whole future is determined upon one letter

Which either marks us golden

Or nothing.


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