Black Hole Capillary


Look into my eyes and you will see,

the different side there is to me.

Secrets that I've hidden so long that I sometimes forget,

all the lies he told me, and all of this regret.

Look into my soul and you will feel,

the wounds in my heart and the bruises that were once real.

Even though it's not visible you can still see the pain,

for it is left inside of me, and some things will just never be the same.

Look into my eyes for you can you see,

the girl that is crying shamelessly.

Look into the recesses of my heart for there is an abyss of a hole;

Reach inside, can you hear my soul?

Listen to me, as I tell you about the beatings from the start

and how I ended up with a knife hammered into my heart.

Look at my tears black and blood filled with love, and drowned in hate

that is said to be like a bite of poison that comes from a  deadly snake.

Look at my scars, for he hit me, shoved me more than I could take

To him, I was just another face for a set of hands to suffocate.

Look into my soul, my eyes, and behind these tears,

can you read that past, breathe the years, can you feel that pain?

Even if the hurt won’t heal, outside I'm really just the same.

Even if I wish I wasn’t hiding the truth, or telling everyone a lie,

I want to be a girl, that can go on living without having to cry.

And I will because I promised myself, I'd fight forever,  

Because I am a survivor, and a survivor till I die.


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