Who's Your Mama?

Wed, 07/17/2013 - 20:13 -- ToniJ


Who's your mama? Does she have glowing brown skin and dark brown eyes? Is her waist a little thin and her hips a bit wide? Do you get warmth from her hugs and see love seep through her eyes? The people who hurt you are the ones she mostly despise. That mama of yours is always on your team. But she neither understands or knows you, so it seems. Knows not what you tell your friends or what you've learned in the streets. She hasn't been through the same problems, or so it seems. So it seems, you've got it all wrong. Cause Mama knows everything thats going on. She sees your struggle and feels your pain. Mama always comes through just when you think you and her have nothing the same. She doesn't remember your schedule and it seems she doesn't care, but Mama has alot in her life that she has to bear. The support she recieves for her struggle is rarely rare, the least you can do is give her a helping hand here or there. Love her strong and hold her hand, the whole family will fall apart if you let Mama drown beneath the quicksand. Keep her head up high and her feet down lown. Cause Mama knows more than you think she knows.


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