My Passion


United States
33° 35' 27.7584" N, 111° 47' 50.0568" W

My two bare feet standing, moving throughout the small kitchen.
Sounds of pans being placed on the counter, spoons in metal bowls
The fridge opening and closing, the timer of the oven beeping and the mixer running.
Smells of warm and soft chocolate cake, creamy aromatic butter, sweet and strong vanilla
Light and fragile pastry, hard and crispy bread, buttery and flaky croissants.
Feeling the dough squish in my hands as I knead it on the table
The smooth icing flowing out of the bag as I decorate the cake
The hot air across my face as I pull something out of the oven.
Watching the satisfied smiles as my family devours what I made.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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