Breaking the Silence


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Statements that stay behind closed doors, they stay in the room

Hover above your head

Seep into your mind fall into your river of thoughts

Sink deep into your conscious

Straying off to your emotions

But hush don't let those trembling temptations

Let you scream out these secrets

They are untold but hard to hold

when no one knows what you know

Your fears melt into the core of your heart

Making it difficult to reveal these secrets

Hurting you inside Tears over flowing your once dry eyes

With such a mute emotion now you cant hide

But hush don't let those trembling temptations

Let you scream out these secrets

They change the shape of your personality

People starring at you with disbelief

Stares sharp enough to cut your face

Sounds turn silent

Colors turn gray

Expressions are omitted from everyone's face

Those secrets creep into friendships and relationships too

But hush don't let those trembling temptations

Let you scream out these secrets

You will be left alone with no barrier

Weak and uncovered exposed to everyone

You will turn blue because of judgment

You will be isolated cold shaking aching with unanswered questions

That appear to cycle every 10 seconds

Freezing your "mistakes" and making them stay longer

But hush don't let those secrets dissolve

In front of the people who don't care about you

Secrets are only bad they don't help much

But if I break my silence these people will harm me

Just don't let it get to you

These secrets they only create assumptions when you mess up


Tell these secrets break the silence

Even though there is a trembling fear of homophobia

Open up

So I break my silence:

I need a friend to tell my secrets to

I need a teacher to guide me through

I need a parent to love me

I need support an ally that will stand by me

I am unraveling my own secrets

Now its yours to won

I need you

I need you

I need all of you

To clench on to my soul

My secrets are similar to your own

I am a Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Queer

I am an Ally, I question my sexuality

I simply want to own love, compassion, respect

And for someone to take over a thrown

A thrown meant for a queen

Her name is support

I want her to claim her thrown

Because these secrets she can hold

Support Homosexuality not Homophobia

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