I Want a Fanfiction Romance

​I want a fanfiction romance,

The kind of story that I'd write,

The kind where I meet "the One"

At a party some night.

 Maybe I don't know at first, If she'd be right for me. But I'd be glad to have her friendship, If friends were all we'd ever be. I want a fanfiction romance, Where we'd chat all night long, He would joke and tease me And I'd hear his name in songs.  I want a boy who's gentle, I want a girl who's wise, Whoever I wind up with, They should have kindness in their eyes.  I want a fanfiction romance, Where I think of her day and night, Where her friends become my friends, And we can work through all our fights.  I want him to trust me, And in return I'd do the same, There should be respect in love, It isn't just a game.  I want a fanfiction romance, And I want a love that's real, One where we aren't afraid, To tell eachother how we feel.  I want a fanfiction romance, I want takeout and cheap champagne. I want someone to kiss and comfort, Through all of our lives' pains.  I want to watch dumb movies, And eat cupcakes by the sea. But what I want most of all Is someone to share this life with me.

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