Stumbling, uncertain, shaking, I fall
And stare up blankly, in fear, in helplessness,
As my world intensifies.
Colors take on supernatural, disturbing shades of themselves,
And sear into my retinas, and scorch new scars into my emotion-riddled brain.
And as I being to claw at my incinerated eyes,
With ripped nails and torn-up skin,

it reverses.

Everything splinters.
Cracks shoot up the gnarled bark of my favorite birch,
Fractures spiderweb across its jovial green leaves,
And it leaks. Everything leaks.
Brown bubbles up from the gashes, green pours from leaf-slits.
They ooze slowly to the ground, over a now diseased trunk,
Submerging my trembling toes in blood
And sealing me to the ground.
An incredible snap echoes throughout the world.
It comes from above me, within me, around me. It is everywhere. It is my world.
And it leaks. Everything leaks.
Every color rains down, beating on my body mercilessly.
I hide my eyes as they pummel, pummel, pummel me. And then suddenly,
Silence. Silence settles like a blanket over my bloody and bruised form.

and my world is colorless.


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