Unbreakable spirits

They could take our names,
They could take our skin,
Our hair,
They could take our lives,
And everything that made us
But they can’t take our faith.
They bond we have,
The bother and sisterhood we have.
God will save us,
He will love us,
He will deliver us
Just as he did in Egypt,
He will now.
The land of milk and honey
Steps beyond the gate.
Hands we hold,
Tears we shed,
We are not the number they say,
We are not the dogs,
We are human.
We feel,
We have will,
We believe.
Old and young alike,
Fearing what could be,
Hopeful for what may;
God will deliver our souls.
No prayers spoke
A shower promised.
Cries of the undesired,
Silent prayers mouthed for their souls—
God is wise,
God is kind,
God will deliver.



thanks! :)

Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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