Text me when you get home safe

(because I love you)

You know you can talk to me about anything

(because I love you)

I heard this and thought of you, so I had to share

(because I love you)

I know you're not feeling well, so I made you soup

(because I love you)

You can't hang out with him anymore, I know what's best for you

(because I love you)

I'd kill myself if you ever left me

(because I love you)

No one could ever love you but me

(because I love you)

I only hit you because you forced me to

(because I love you)

Because I love you, I have to tell you,

he does not love you,

he loves possessing you,

loves that he can own you,

but he does not love you.

Be careful, dear, obsession can look a lot like love

but I'll make sure you know better.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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