Let me screeeeeeeeeeam

Let me shout to the world

Show them what I am capable of


I’m invisible


A mute

So hear me yell

Hear me shout


I’ll tell ya what I’m about

Through my words

My art

My song

My heart


I wear it on my sleeve

But build a mesh around it

I want to shine

Yet I’m afraid

Of the consequences

That may be paid


Should I shine like a star

I could fall like a meteor

Burning up as I crash to the ground

Broken and smoldered

Beyond recognition

Of my previous condition


But still

I desire to soar

Above this earth

In a web of numbers


That creates this cyber space

This inter-network

Where fame can come and go

Flare up like an explosion




But strong

At times

When you feel the real world is against you

There is a cyber-world you belong to


We unite

All together

Behind a screen



We connect

In an world made of numbers

And codes

We sing our odes



Our sorrows

Our fears

Our happiness

And cheers


We unite

And we fight

The light that stands



Amidst blackouts

Government oppression


Our own and the world’s


We find a way to our artificial light

Our invisible friends

We touch

Through our light boxes


We stretch

We strive

To collide and join hands

And sing the song of our people.


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