Alleine Zu Zweit (Together Alone)



I regret nothing out of all of this

I swear I would never take a thing back

And never have I taken your love for granted

In fact, it was my loyalty that had you taken aback…


You gave me a love overdose without even realizing

You probably think you don’t mean much to me but I swear you still do

Your presence is truly mesmerizing

And believe me when I say it’s true


And everything I said before I will never withdraw

Even though we don’t say the same things anymore

And I may look shocked, confused and in awe

When you mention those sweet words and memories once more


No matter how much it hurt

No matter how much it still does

I can’t seem to forget all the good times, not the bad

No matter how much we fought

No matter how much we still do

It’s like good times are all we have ever had


And those times just seem to bring us closer together

Even though we seem to be drifting apart



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