The Mind


I'm not a writer, I just think a lot.  In a world so crossed and diverse ideas arise and many a times people get lost.  How can we find our way back?  The mind and the soul should work together and not attack the being within itself so black until we dwell upon the colorful emotions we often do lack.  Labels and names are what we call each other when we're supposed to connect with one another.  I solemnly a wait the day we can find the inner us and look past the arguments we discuss against our own kind blinding the mind with trails and tribulation.  There is no way out without civilization.  Who are we without a foundation?  As eyes are to see and ears are to hear, there still is no location.  Freedom is what we seek dying along the way as we grow weak, we loose the purpose.  Thinking is the key to unlocking success but we loose focus because we do not trust in what is ours. The mind.  The control center with one golden latter to climb to greater heights over time we do underline. The mind.  The mind.  The MIND.


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