The Homeless One and Her King

All my heart,

With the blood it pumps.

All the air,

That fills my lungs.

They could take it all,

If it meant you were near.

You are all,



To me a myth,

Yet also a reality.

If you were gone,

I would cease to exist.

Like the flowers of spring,

I need you like sunlight.

Like a fish to the ocean,

I need you to live.

Like an artist,

I have need of you as if paint and pen.

We make an absolute,

The perfect yet imperfect equation.

Unknown to all,

Yet seen by all.

I the undesirable,

You the King.


we make harmony.

I can survive merely by your love,

And it shall make me fly like the dove.

He is all I need,

And so hear my creed!

I shall live by his side,

And shall live forever with our pride!

Together as one,

We are complete,

And he is all,

I'll ever need.


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