Growing Up

Fri, 06/14/2019 - 14:26 -- nspohn0

Not long ago the growing pains started

The pains that broke the broken-hearted

The inevitable happened- I went blind


It was quite an experience at first

My vision went from bad to worse

At the beginning of high school

my life seemed to be cruel

so I decided to grow up


Every week it faded away

From seeing to squinting to magnifying to seeing its gone

In the kitchen I had to stay

To do homework that should not have taken so long

When all the work began to flood

I decided to grow up


The soccer field never felt so out of place

Until the day I could not see anyone’s face

Ran near the ball, but could not see

That it was right in front of me

Less game play time

Almost never in the sub line

So I decided to grow up


A block a day my TVI filled

In order for me to learn all the skills

Braille, Jaws, NVDA, Math Type, Powerpoint,

Word, excel, outlook, google apps

The list could go on and on

But only because I decided to grow up


Honors Physical science, Honors Biology, Honors Chemistry,

 Honors American Government, Honors Economics, Honors Geometry

Keepin’ up with my classmates- and then some

I worked through it all

Because I decided to grow up


Running is my new sport

I run my laps to race

Because I wanted to grow up


I learned so much about myself

Nobody can put me on a shelf

I am hard-working, tenacious, and a go-getter

Except for the times where I think I could have done better


I want to be an engineer, Basically, a pioneer

Not many blind people take this path

Take the road less traveled

I may be blind, But I have a vision

All because I decided to grow up



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