Once Upon A Dime

Thu, 08/10/2017 - 15:09 -- azarzis

she was looking for

in spare parts or corners

not change; but something to put in her pocket

that would grow warm over night

pressed against her skin

something very little

that would help her life begin.


that first penny that she found

beneath Drizella's foot

she snatched up very quickly

dusted off the soot.


a quarter twisted up in 

Anastasia's pantalon

and another in her stocking

her collection thus had grown.


right at silver night

when the new moon just appeared

cinderella took her things

and let go of her fear

and ran off with her treasure

something worthless at first glance,

but worth more altogether


maybe change is good,

she thought, as she bought her first baked fish

and nothing tastes so good

as a hearty, home-cooked dish.

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Our world
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