What If I Told You...


Conrad, MT
United States

What if I told youThe things that you say,The jokes that you tell,The pranks that you play,All those things really hurt me today. That girl in the front,The one with the money;Her words for youAre sweet like honey.She’s your favorite,She’s the best;When in reality,She’s worse than the rest.Why don’t you notice,Why don’t you care,That all your bad studentsSit up there.Sit in the front, Put on a showAll for you, butThe rest of us know;We can see through the actWe can see through the mask.We know the right answerWhenever you ask Those people a questionThen lead to the answerTrying to makeThose flunkies feel better.I wish I could tell youWhat they’re like out of class.I wish you could seeWhat a PAIN IN THE ASSThose jocks, those cheerleaders,Those fuzzy lambs are,When we’re in the hallwaysWhen we’re in our cars.I wish you could feelWhat I feel each day.I wish you could somehowSee the way theyStab and they twistThey slash and they slice.They cut down my image;It isn’t real niceHow I start to feel better,I start to feel good,Then they pull out the rug,My face hits the wood.They silently laugh As I walk past their locker.But the teachers don’t see,Oh gee! What a shocker!You’re blind to their cruelty,You look past the bully.All you see isTheir family, their moneyI’m sick of this ritual.I’m sick of the fakers.I am a giver, andTHEY are the takers.THEY take the spotlight,THEY take the credit.But now I figureI should just let itAll pass me by ‘Cause someday real soon,As a matter of fact, The first week of June,I’m done here,I’m gone!I’m through with this place!I will never again haveTo look at that faceStaring and teasing me every day,Then turning to you A whole different way. What if I told youThis one little fact:Your favorite student?She’s just an act.


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