A man and a woman fell in love.
Spent many happy years,
She would read to him,
and he would dance for her,
and they would lie in bed,
Close enough to breathe
each others breaths.
But slowly, as the years went on,
the woman lost her sight
and slowly the man lost his hearing
and they sat in silence,
the weight of the realization
that they could no longer communicate,
that he would never hear her read
another story,
that she would never see him dance
another dance,
sank slowly in their hearts.
And she cried loudly,
and he shamelessly let his tears fall,
and they cried 
They cried until her throat was sore
and his eyes were red.
And then they helped each other
pick up the broken pieces of their hearts
and they continued to lie in bed
Close enough to breathe each others  breaths.
Her, whsipering, I love you,
breathily onto his lips
and him, mouthing those same words
against hers.



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