A Door Called Success


Education is the key to success

The mind is the metal of the key

It can be easily inscribed

Some rusted and hard

With the right materials

 The key can be renewed

A door called success

Is in the house of Opportunity

The bigger the key the bigger the house

The harder the metal the

easier it fits into the keyhole

A door called success in the house of opportunity

is located on Life Lane

It might not be too colorful on the outside

And with only one car in the driveway

It may get you somewhere someday

In the house of opportunity lived an old woman

Who one day got a knock at the door

On the outside of the door was a little girl

She figured that the lady didn’t hear the knock

She came back the next day

This time she knocked harder

It didn’t work

25 years later she came back

This time she rang the door bell

The lady still didn’t hear her

She came back 25 years later

And something told her to kick the door down

She was tired of the woman not hearing her

When she opened the door

She saw herself and was satisfied

She had finally opened the door called success

In the house of  opportunity



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