Isn’t it funny? What you may ask. Well, isn’t is funny how selfish the human race is. Yes, yes, I know I’m a human too, bummer. But, isn’t it funny how the girl that we all can call our friend, the one that helps us with our problems has no voice. Has no one ever thought that she wanted to speak but felt held down as if a boulder of big mouth people came down on her. I know everyone sees her, yet no one seems to want to help. No one notices how thin she’s been getting, how pale she is, the bags under her giant sad brown eyes, the scars on her arms, and the tears she holds back behind that broken smile. Does no one see she feels so hideous and worthless? Once something beautiful, useful, maybe even valuable, but we all know when something beautiful break you gotta throw it away. But what about me, yeah so what I cut her off, I’m only human. Why doesn’t he like me, oh I’m not popular enough, or have the newest most expensive clothes. I’ve been so depressed lately. Hearing this is like millions of cats scratching at chalkboards. Do they know what depression is and how should it feel. Anger, sadness, heartbreak, depression, depression, depression, DEPRESSION….tell me what is depression. Depression is like feeling a cold on the perfect summer day, except your body isn’t trying hard enough to heal you and your mind begins to have its own voice and decides whisper all your weaknesses to you when you are already in a weak state. Depression loves to rides into town and stay a while, cuddling up underneath all of the arguing, the verbal abuse, the school work that keeps piling up in the corner of her room in her broken home, the clothes that she wears on her back that turns her into an object, and the bathroom where she goes after every meal to lay it to rest in its watery grave, that goes down, down, down…..But  that’s okay, I’m only human, a selfish, evil, cruel human. It goes you before me right, before all your problems, scars, and pain?


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Our world


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