A Dream Deferred


United States
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What is a dream?
A dream is like a crime scene,
With evidence thrown about,
Just waiting to be figured out
So many details, clues, hints,
In one little spot.

First is the body, cold to the touch
Just lying in a pool of blood.

One guy takes pictures

One guy collects
Hair, fibers, and any other thing they find

One guy takes statements
“I knew her since she moved here”
“Was always a loner”
“I have no idea who could have done this”
So many different stories which one is real?
Which one is fake?

Then the last guy looks at the body
The cloths half on
Arms and legs at awkward angles
Lying in a pool of
Dark, crimson blood

They start to ask
Who did this?
Why did they do it?
How was it done?

Then it ends
You find the evidence
You catch the guy
You throw him in jail

That is what I feel a dream is
A crime scene,
Just waiting to be figured out.


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