What is your reason?

What makes you get up every morning?

What keeps you above the water?


Daily tasks cause us to sink

We begin to drown in the every day

Holding signifigance seems nearly impossible


Do I have a reason?

What can I do to make my mark?

Am I capable of keeping afloat in such torrent waters?


I need to find something in the abyss

I feel the burden weighing down on me

As I reach my oblivion 

I see the glow from a far

We see relief

As I float towards the light


Feelings of harmony and buyonancy flood within me

The calming waves begin to silence

and thats when you feel it



my safe haven, a place where I am lifted from the water

A place where I strived to be

the journey has lead me to here


It's my destination

and I have arrived.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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