Surrendering to Gravity

Sat, 08/10/2013 - 19:33 -- Paragon

“This is who I am.

I can’t change.”


I have killed choice.

I’ve given up.

I'm a slave to myself.

I’ve surrendered to gravity.




Just because I was born that way

Just because I was raised that way

Just because it’s easier

Just because they tell me to

Just because they tell me not to

Just because my body craves it

Just because I want to

Just because I am afraid


Just because gravity always pulls me down

Doesn’t mean I can’t fly.


Make a choice.

Who I am today DOES NOT

Have to be who I was yesterday.


Life isn’t over till I draw my last breath.


A caterpillar does not resign itself

To the form it had at birth.

So I will look to who I can become,

Not to the person I am.


Who I am is a bowl of cake batter,

Full of potential for good.

I was born with potential.

Now I must make the choice to fly.


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