March Onward


United States
35° 54' 45.1584" N, 77° 30' 57.8844" W

I stare in front of me as I put one foot
In front
of the other
I look down
At my wrists
And see them yoked to my brother’s
And my sister’s
I think about how proud my mother
Would have been
To see her young man
And do what’s right
In spite of hindsight
I hear the words of Dr. King
They echo, they echo, they echo,
Through my soul
I’ve came a long way
Just to go even further
If I take a peaceful stand
Maybe the white man
Will understand
I’m tired of all this
Constant, seemingly non-stopping
Fussing and Fighting
God said it 1st
Shoot, the white man even said it 2nd
Re-iterated by another president 3rd
We all were created equal
That’s why I’m here to march with all of my equals
And show my white equals
That when you add us up:
Guess what?
We… still… equal
Cause God all created us
I’m here
To take a stand and a firm stance
We will overcome as we march onward to
Freedom. Equality. Justice. And Jobs.
We will overcome as we also have dreams
We march onward to
A better future and brighter dreams
Let us commence:
As we
March. Onward.

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