Is there an end?



You had a bad relationship,

and try to put it in the past.

You think that you’re okay,

but the memories seem to last.

You have nightmares and bad thoughts,

that never seem to end,

where you’re trying to get away,

from your now ex-boyfriend.

With your heart beating from fear and mind racing too,

you run but it’s not fast enough,

try to get away and can’t get out,

get in your car and he snatches your keys,

make a call and no one answers,

scream and no one hears you,

try to make a scene and no one intervenes.

The feelings are gut wrenching.

You want to forget and overcome.

It is engraved in your brain keeping you numb.

Will the memories one day fade?

Is there an end? Or will it always be grey?


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