I rocket

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 15:20 -- Tanssia


So far, no longer

With technology and mind stronger

Galileo could never dream

that in reach was the moon's seam.

With my own hands 

and Armstrong's stands

the Moon--light years away

is no longer just child's play.

Stars that seemed in a whole different world

is now dissected and unfurled.

Defying gravity's 9.8m/s^2,

it's blanketed on God's magnifiicent inky vision shared.

Astronomy, physics, and biochemistry, studied

soon in my hands and mind all the mysteries will be unmuddied.

To be an astronaut

is harder but more amazing than I had ever thought. 

Wait for me Mars, 

I'll reach you once I past capture all these stars. 



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