Say No

Life, life is hard I know
Your a girl who thought this would never happen
This is your story

You go to work
You love it
Hanging out with the guys
Thats fun
You trust the ones you work with
Until you get hurt by one

You thought how could this happen
The hurt you feel makes you feel small
You try to suppress your feelings but the hurt is still there

What did he do
You can still see the image of what had happen
You want it to go away
So you talk to your bosses
And all they do is talk to the guy and say if you do it again you are fired

So really what did he do
You feel violated by the way he touched you
He touched you in a place no man should
You never saw it coming
Then he kisses you

You feel that it is your fault
Every night you cry just to go to sleep
The pain you feel inside grows every day

Why am I telling you this
Cause this is my Story
Girls Say No

When you feel something is wrong say no
Say no to the ones that hurt you
Say no to the feelings you have that say it is your fault
Just say no to all the negative feelings
Say No for the girls who can’t
In the end you will be stronger than you ever been
I Know I Am
This is me

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