Sometimes I Dream


Sometimes I dream

That I will see them again

My momma

My poppa

But when I wake

All I can see is darkness

I do not breathe in air

This is pure musk that fills my lungs

I hear the door creak

I pray

I pray to the God who ignores me

He stands over me

His silhouette larger than life

I hear the zipper go down


Taunting me

Another customer

Here for his fill

I have learned now not to beg

I lay still as he climbs

Unfamiliar hands caress me

I close my eyes

I think of my country

Of being back home

He violates me

I think of my sister and my brother

How they used to laugh

His breath reeks of alcohol

I think of poppa

The stories he used to tell

Sweat drips onto my face

I think of momma

And the way she used to sing

He shouts and yelps in delight

I hide a tear that rolls down

Picked up and thrown aside

I am trash

He talks to Mister

The man who took me away

All I can do is lay here


Of someone to let me out



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