The Grey World

The Grey World


The world we met,

colorless faces were all that were set,

To us he said,

to treat our lives with respect.

Even if we felt,

that without a doubt,

this is not what we sought.

The grey world we fought.


But this wasn’t the case,

as words flowed into our brains,

when the clouds were so plain,

The grey world we blamed.


Taught us zeros and ones.

The grey world became fun.

Explained structure and time.

The grey world became fine.


And it wasn’t the knowledge to our minds he glued.

Even if the sky was blued.

Nor the enlightenment he shed,

Even if the cardinal became red.


Here I am,

enjoying life through learning and thinking.

Almost like time itself is blinking.

And amidst my desire,

in establishing a life of fulfill.

I remind myself how I admire,

the ideals you used to instill


The power of life,

which you called, mankind’s best might.

The grey world we met,

was amazingly bright.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



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