Stereotypical Boundaries That Need To Be Broken

I am Too Blind in the light Too fresh, too hood, too...Ghetto
World uses me like a puppet; Geppeto
African Americans need to Stop, and think
We want to see the Intellectual abilities you can bring,
Not the ends of your underwear.
There are more important things we'd like you to share,
Than you're ability to spit about, sex money, drugs, hoes and cars
Over and over and over again.
It's leaving psychological scars in our young generation thats hard to erase;
Pick up the pace!
So cool because you think sleeping with six girls at one time is "swagged out"
You need to turn that mentality around
because when the babies show up you're no where to be found,
I am too hood, too swagged out, to Ghetto, to Blind in the light
Fix these personas and your future will plight,
It's an everlasting fight, that will take strength
I need you to think, say and live
I am Strong, but wise
Disciplined, but kind
The light that shines in its absence
I am...
The Future.
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