Sneaky Mister


Hi mister 

how did you enter my room 

my room says girls only at the door so thats why he goes through the window

how was your day his cold breath asks .

my day was beautiful it snowed , 

i love snow little girl 

you know what else i love 

your skin 

it tastes just like snow ....

he gets closer . 

please dont mister 

or what 

youll scream ?

no mister 

were friends remember thats why i let you in my window 

you cant be in my bed ...

get out of my bed 

come little girl 

let me taste your face

no mister this isnt right 

nothings wrong when it feels right 

i never agreed with mister 

he stinks like old cigars ,. 

mister is just a Mystery ..


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