The journey

It's like when you first get on a roller coaster

you don't know what to expect but your strapped in.

Like you know going but you just don't know when.

People tell you it's not that bad, it was a breeze (yeah, let them tell it)

So now you even more ready pumped, anxious, geeked, and overwhelmed.


It took you back you didn't expect it now you just ready for it to be over 

but you half way there you can just feel it.

It taking you through the ups and downs

even side to side.

Then it comes to a pause, you feel the breeze, hear the birds, and see other people below you.

At this point you don't want to get down

BOOM!! Your off again back to the same routine. 

Right now you already know which way to lean 

so your comfortable into the old ways.

Now your slowing down coming to a finish

Your glad the ride is over and can actually say that you went on that ride.

Now your happy

no matter what kind of emotions it brought to you.

You can finally say that you made it.

Are ready you for another one?



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