Our Reward Is Near

Tue, 03/19/2013 - 19:38 -- Alesha.

Why am I so different?
Confused by the color of my skin, I am ashamed.
Though He says we should love everyone, but one does not love me.
I am in pain.

Generations passed through strife.
And here I stand waiting for my fight.
Hear me roar against prejudices and destruction,
For I will seek the light

Martin, Malcolm, Rosa, here you did stand.
But why did nothing change from the emotions of the pale skin?
Settling for their rules and determinations is what has been done.
Mocha and chocolate skin has not won.

Afraid to sing the chords of Zion to bring peace,
Marching in silence is near.
Times are changing, harder rougher.
And even our own has turned on one another.

We are confused on where to go,
Needing an answer from the giver of salvation
For history was meant to shape us,
Not to beg for respect from this eradication.

Equality is aching in our hearts.
Driving to be together as one,
It is time for dreams to become realities.
We stand together ready for the chains to be undone.

A color is nothing in the eyes of the Holy one.
Peace must be abounded.
A fight for racism to flee,
For the ones of color, you will be crowned.

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