Asians Can't Drive


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Asians can't drive, and Mexicans make trouble. You will get shot by a black man who will rob your home and steal your vehicle. All Mexican immigrants are illegal. Asians can't speak English to save their pathetic little lives.

Who is above us all? None other than the white.

A well-respected man once recited his dreams for a better world to open ears. This man came from an African American background. He filled the city, the country with a distinct sound. And this sound carried through the hearts of many. This sound stayed true, real, fresh, within the souls of many.

But still, this goes on. Every single day, this goes on. This man was killed for of his controversial opinions. Killed for peace, unity and the idea of one kin, and we are still separated. Love is being drowned by hatred.

Listen to me. Open your ears. Let go of these insecure fears. I don't care what color they are. I don't care who they belong to. Just make sure your mind is open while I speak. See, I'm not trying to offend you, I'm just trying to educate you on why we can't find peace.

'Cause see your mind thinks like this.

The stereotypical Asian: Straight A's, AP Classes, over-achiever, can't drive. Intelligence in the classroom but flawed in logic outside.

The stereotypical Black: Saggy pants, ditches class, has no class, expected to go nowhere. Why don't you take him somewhere?

The stereotypical Mexican: Illegal, drug dealing, gang affiliated, tattoos everywhere, and knows no respect.

Did you ever think of trying to show them respect?

The outer workings of a man do not define the inner workings of a man. The inner workings, if portrayed on the outside, would reveal some of the most vulnerable human beings on the planet. No one planned this.

The ridiculous cause of the corruption of our nation has been passed down from generation to generation.

What are we doing?

Racial injustice and prejudice is blinding us from what is right. They block our sight.

We hide from the need to face the outer workings. Too comfortable in our stereotypical views. Typical, judgemental, raised to to believe that all blacks are out there to get you. Raised to believe that all Mexicans are part of a gang. Raised to believe that Asians are all stupid and helpless and are people you should take advantage of. But look deeper and see the similarities, because all I see is someone who looks exactly like me.

I see nothing wrong with them. I only see something wrong with you. You who judge by the saggy pants an tattoos. You who judge by the slanted eyes have no clue of what the inner workings can provoke. Of what the inner workings say about the human beings of whom you joke.

Now, when will we learn?

A great man once said, "We've learned to fly the air like birds, we've learned to swim the sea like fish and yet we haven't learned to walk the Earth as brothers and sisters."

When will we learn?

Walk the Earth with me. Together we will educate ourselves. Just know that the cause of racism is the fear of the unknown. The actions of one person does not defy an entire race, so show me. I believe human beings are kind. So explore, travel, educate, and open your mind.



I've referenced this poem in the past few days multiple times. It applies in so many ways to the closed-minded people in the world. I love the way you have laced your words together with your thoughts and allowed yourself to speak. It nearly inspired me the first night I read it to write a piece in response.Absolutely adore it. ! thanks for sharing


This is an important truth.

But remember--

Whites are not all these monsters

We're made out to be.

We're not all racist

And we're not all evil.


Just a few of us.


Anyway. Thank you.

Your words are impressive.



No one said you were.

Chelsea Jeannette

This is brilliant. 

Chelsea Jeannette

Women also have oppression as well, no matter the color of their skin.


It would be a shame to say all white folks have these stereotypes, when there are a few of us that are humanist rather than intellectually limited by the color of our skin. Racism spreads across all cultures and skin types. Although the oppression does dominantly exist from the white man, I agree.

Doctor Jones

In america perhaps.



I know you wrote this about a year ago, but I came across this and couldn't help but say, that women of color have a very different experience from White women. I've noticed that a lot of women's right issues seem to favor White women the most. I'm not saying that White women are not oppressed and their issues shouldn't be targeted, but I just thought I'd point out that they have a great advantage in society. I really don't think this person intended to make White people out to be these ruthless, scary cruel people, but I can see how it can make White people feel uncomfortable.


Good job!


Maybe it is just the amateur poet in me, but I fail to see how this poem about stereotypes is poetic at all. I have read the poem multiple times and, while I understand what the author is saying, it seems that she herself is stereotyping "the white" as being egotastic and judgemental of all other races besides their own. This poem is poorly written, at least two typos to my notice, and reads more like a rough essay than inspirational poem. I have not watched the video that goes along with the poem, but I am willing to guess that the author is a swell speaker and compasionate about her feelings. I only wish she was able to express it in the body of the poem instead of composing stagnant, thin sentences. I wonder how this was allowed to win.


I agree completely. This is like an essay or speech. Its really not poetic, and this is an ages old topic that she doesn't really bring a new perspective to or express in a unique way. I get the topic, definitely, but I don't see anything new brought to the table. Where's the literary devices? I mean there is some, but nothing I would read twice. I don't care about her opinion, it's fine to share your opinion, whatever it may be, in a poem, and I appreciate honesty, but it at least needs to have a personal flavor or something unique, striking, or with the ability to give a reader pause to read it again and again. It was not a particularly enjoyable read for me. Maybe I'm missing something.


wow, i really appreciate the way you critique poems. As i am an ammature poet, would it be selfish of me to request your feedback on a few of my poems?


I felt the same way. I also thought it was odd that "Asians" and "Blacks" are referenced in the poem, and those are umbrella terms, but instead of saying "Hispanic", she just focuses on "Mexicans"....

I mean, maybe she chose to do that to make fun of the way people will just assume all Hispanics are Mexican, but you would think that she would also say "Chinese people can't drive" if that was the case, since it seems a big misconception is that all Asians must be Chinese.

gone rouge

note it is taged as spoken word


beautiful !


Fabulous SPOKEN WORD!  For those who find it difficult to understand the poetry in its written form, your ears will revel in the poet's spoken word

Yes it is a transformed kind of poetry which manifests itself into a powerful message to RR and everyone


Its a good poem, I would just critique the fact that intentionally or unintentionally it paints out white people to be the problem or a the only people who are racist when it is more of a problem that all people have. Yes there is an awful history of racism and autrocities commited by white people but once again it was not done by all white people. Anyway, the poem just comes off that way and in doing so you lose some readers.


Seriously... This made me tear up. Your words spoke louder than the volume of your video through my computer's speakers. Thank you.


I love this poem, but understand that whites are not at all the foundation of these stereotypes. There is plenty of stereotypes for white people- one of them being that we are all racist. I understand where you're coming from and how white people in history have shown racism in the most disgusting ways, but know that they are all very different. Open your mind to the eyes of a white people who are fully aware of the racism in todays society. This racism comes from every color- don't hold the white people accountable for the evils of racism




I love this poem, but understand that whites are not at all the foundation of these stereotypes. There is plenty of stereotypes for white people- one of them being that we are all racist. I understand where you're coming from and how white people in history have shown racism in the most disgusting ways, but know that they are all very different. Open your mind to the eyes of a white people who are fully aware of the racism in todays society. This racism comes from every color- don't hold the white people accountable for the evils of racism




Oh this made me mad, this is the truth. I love it. wise are the girls who are filled with madness, they have a voice, and you are truly poen- minded. I could learn a lot from you. Thank yoU!


slowly claps*




This is a great piece but I find it a little hypocritical. The whole piece is about walking the earth as brothers and sisters and not judging someone by their skin color, and yet you villanize all whites and group us together. In fact you yourself are committing the act that you are attempting to speak out against.


She is so smooth, she should literally be a rapper, because I would buy her mixtape. This entire poem basically sums up my entire views upon the world. It made me so happy to know that I'm not the only one who believes racism and segregation and judgement is wrong.


All true, though it passes off as a bit too strong. I like the blunt attitude in this, though. *thumbs up*


Love it, it really moves ya!


Because of what white people have done to people of other races in the past, I have actually at one time considered white people as inferior, morally. Though I am white, being so and learning of all the racism that still persists today makes me ashamed of being white, the same way these stereotypes may make others ashamed of being their own race. Here's the flaw in thinking that way: it is more than likely that every kind of person you can think of has been represented by every single race out there. White people are not the only people to oppress a certain group of people, or simply different people in general. If you really want to see us as a unified whole, then speak out against the general evils of the world. For example, don't hate on someone for hurting another person because they are a certain race, but rather hate that people do hurt other people. To overcome general evil with general good (being active in community, being charitable, participating in protests) may prove more effective than writing about one cause of evil. Yes, racism still exists and it is terrible; but there are other ways we can try to encourage unity and world peace (which may not even be achievable), like giving to those that do not have as much and helping third world countries come back from poverty. This, rather than ranting about racism in one country, may be time far better spent. But your passion on the subject really speaks through your writing. Seems more like a speech than a poem, but all in all congratulations on the big win!


Yes!!! This was too great for words!


This is so amazing!


I think that this is abdolutely wonderful, and I admire you so much for having the courage to express how you feel. People like you are the reason that one day everyone will walk together as brothers and sisters


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