For Those Who Gave

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Many a man has lived that has given his life for another.
Not many a person, though, who has changed the world forever.

The Chosen few who defy the rules do deserve some mention.
In turn we shouldn’t glorify them but that for which they stood.
Men and Women, people, children,
Rights and Freedom, Justice, Mercy,
Goodness, Kindness,

They stood for these and bent their knees with humblest submission.
Asking for an answer to a problem with no solution.
They got an answer. True. That’s right,
But the answer came with no foresight.
It came with the utmost cost.
Their lives they gave but they gave no loss.

They died believing in a better place.
Doing all to change their slate.
Affecting me, affecting you.
All in vain? No!
To prove…

To prove that there are those who care,
To prove there is another option,
To prove that everyone has worth,
To prove there’s more on this Earth.

To prove that there truly is
A people who will love us all
With a deep’ning sense of emotion.
Going past the subtle surface,
Shooting through that icy ocean,
To prove ... that there is a purpose.

Martin Luther, Gandhi, Lincoln—
And all those who stand for reason
Your life, your death was not for naught.
I hold dear all you value
And would die your death a thousand times
To prove that you were more than right.

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