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. . . right

away, you’ll see it’s difficult to find:

(That -- while it’s true, it’s only You able to see inside your, Mind, -- )

Lost thoughts often  become begotten

Not of themselves, but of the Shells of others’ Once their Drive has been forgotten.

(‘cause, see,) No one voice is comprised or the same stuff

We know this, yet don’t show this-- yeah, reality is rough!

What I am here to say (And what I want you all to see)

Is that Acceptance gives you Wings to soar Above the walls -- to Set You Free.


What Is an emotion?

A chemical reaction, An abstract notion…

It’s a subject of fear!

Of cognitive commotion!

How does a man deal with the strength of an ocean?


Well, I’ll tell you this much:

Man Manipulates The Sail.

Who else makes Boats, Who else can overcome the gail?

A sailor can’t exist without direction of the sea!

This is the way of man; the way it will forever be;

A disregard of water means you’re misconstruing thoughts;

It’s the lack of an attempt to string together pegs and dots--

Is empathy irrelevant!? Has it now gone out of style,

It’s HUMAN, it’s NATURAL! ‘cause man, it aches to always, smile--

You See How MAD I Am?

You See The         VenomOnMyTongue, the QuickenOfMyLung  the FIRE

INSIDE my veins,

you see how Sad I Am?

you see the soften of my chest, i choke up,

i’ve suppressed so MUCH why CAN’T I



I’ll turn you ‘round when I’ve been wronged, Don’t You Take Away My Song,

Draw Caricature Of   Sense,

OF COURSE experience can be too intense,

but then, we CAN’T give way! Have we obligation to condense?!?

thinking rationally in aftermath is a wildly different thing

than allowing other people your self, your mind on a string.

if you read a certain story, censor every other word?...

it’s a fraction of the novel with a disappearing forward.

so hold yourself with love. allow yourself to hurt. dilution

is verbal


because if you keep stopping to take a pause?

then , you really have nothing,



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