My Younger Brother

Black boy

Black boy

With little red truck toy

Growing up alright boy

Mama and daddy’s own joy

Falling for the man’s ploy

Right into the white noise


A black boy’s life is looked at as nothing

Arrest them on tv and make sure the media’s noting

Shrug their shoulders and call ‘em super predators

Lock the pale daughters up or they’ll get her

They say

“I want to live as long as anyone else in this building”


“Shut up, hands in the air or else take this beating”

“Get of of me please, I can’t breathe”

And there goes another one dying under the white man’s feet


They’ll make a Willie Horton out of ya

Say you’re only special to your little black mama

You’re the white man's tool, you’re a working mule

You’re a living fool, you’re an ugly coon


That's a lie, don't believe the hype

Your father up there is so divine

Hopefully he’ll keep you just fine

Your glow is great

Despite their hate

Absolute special

You handsome little rascal

And I must say you’re a star before we’re done

Why do you think your mama and daddy call you their son


To my younger brother

You bring pride to mother

You are like nobody other

You’re growing tall but remember

You’ll never be bigger than father.

And if by some ungodly force

We lose your light source

Because of a trembling fool

That blast you from your shoes

I pray and pray

That mama and daddy never see the day

A scared white man takes you from this place


But what really matters are the excuses found 

The limits unbound

That ignores the marching sound

Ignore the black feet that stomp against the ground

To search for a black boy like the neighborhood’s a lost and found

All so when you catch him, you shoot him down

And for what? So you can stand your ground?

Now we ignore their history thinking a change has came

It hasn’t


Black boy

Black boy

Know you ain’t nobody’s toy 

Perfectly made, God’s boy

Bringing the world some needed joy

Must fight against the man’s ploy

So you can live just fine boy

To Listen to some Jams and ignore the white noise

All to grow into a black man.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
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