For Lauren


I’m alive,The sensory tips of my fingers help me feel free.The tiny particles of air,Smaller than we could ever fathom,Throwing the tiniest of punches at my armAs they whip by at a speed of 50 miles an hour Out in the open air,My skin flutters.I am blessedWith the ability to feel.And I know I’ll always have you by my sideTo answer when I call. You’re the only one who’s stuck around,The only one who will put up with my nonsense feelings,The only one who isn’t scared by how much they know.We have our weird spots,We quarrel and disagree on enough.Somehow we can always go back to normalWithout any horrible repercussionsBecause you’re my best friend,I love you. The tingling,The stinging,The pain.Nothing matters when the air takes control.I’ve got you.And that’s one step closer to hope. Your friendship is soft, but changing.The air encloses my limbs spontaneously,Just as my ability to free myself of negativity.Through all of the forces of life,You will be my one constant,Just like the constant flow of air throughout eternity.


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