Rumors Spread


                    Teacher, oh teacher
What do you see?
A straight A student? 
Or winner of the spelling bee?
Or possibly just a quiet girl
Who sits in the back of the class
Waiting for you to call on her
While all she thinks about is how her life changed in a flash
She hears the whispers
Walking down the hall
Between the teachers and kids
She hears it all
They don't know her 
They don't know her past
So why talk about her?
Rumors spread to fast
"Shes really having a kid"
She thinks to herself as she lay
But does everyone actually think
She wanted it this way?
She thought it would be
A fun little date
But what it ended up being
Was a night full of hate
On that one
Fun little date
She ended up being raped
And a period late
So when all the kids and teachers
Are all talking about her to eachother
Just remember
Its not her fault shes becoming a mother.
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nice. great job! 


This is too...


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