Rightfully Ours


United States
29° 45' 12.9996" N, 95° 20' 39.2676" W

Tap-tap. Tap-tap. Tap-tap.
Yes I am angry. But you wouldn't know.
Staring down at the floor, how could anyone tell?
I clench my fists. Tap my foot.
I smile. I say "yes, sir" and "yes, ma'am."
Oh but if you only knew. If you only cared.
I am not the dirt you step on. I am a teacher. A lawyer. A diswasher.
A doctor. A waiter. A person with a voice.
This is how I will speak. This is how you will hear me.
This is how the world will know. The world will know that it is time for change.
Because of me. And because of you.
You did this. And I let you.
No more. It is mine. My right. My life.
I was born with it. I was born here.
Like you, like them, we are alike.
You are not higher. I am not lower.
We are the same. We deserve the same.
You and I deserve what is ours, rightfully ours.


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