Six Feet Apart, Six Feet Under

They announced the first case of COVID-19.

It won’t affect me for I’m a teen,

I’m ok.

My body’s young, immunity strong

I never stay sick for long.


So I go out with my friends against the panicked warnings of my mother

And walk out the door cause I can’t be bothered

By the thoughts of what could happen if I get sick

I’m sure this is just some media trick.

I’m safe.

My body’s young, immunity strong

I never stay sick for long.


Wash your hands and you’ll be fine

Stay six feet apart when waiting in line

Cover you face

Don’t leave your place

Where gloves in public 

It is my choice to go out for this is a republic

Don’t encroach on the freedoms of the constitution

You’ll never find me in a medical institution

Dying from COVID-19

For it won’t affect me and my routine.

I’m alright.

My body’s young, immunity strong

I never stay sick for long.


I awake in the night with the shakes and sweats

My bed sheets have become soaking wet

The room is too cold, 

My blanket too hot

My stomach feels like it’s tied in knots.

My throat scratches, the air feels stuck

Oh no this just can’t be my luck.

Mom rushes me in the car to the hospital

But I know I’ll be fine at the end of it all

COVID-19 will not cause my fall

For my body’s young, immunity strong

I never stay sick for too long.


I gasp and gasp to no avail

My lungs refuse to fill with air

My throat it burns,

My skin is pale

No one can visit no matter the tale

I miss my mom.


They put me on a ventilator

I’ll have to come off sooner or later

Dead or alive like the Bon Jovi song.

I’m no longer sure my immune system’s strong.

Even though my body is young,

I know I cannot fight this for long.


This is all happening so very fast

I lay and reflect on moments past

What went wrong, what could I have done?

The warnings were there all along.

I want my mom.

I know I am young, but I cannot fight this for long.


I do not remember the last few days

Everything became a haze

Of doctors and nurses in N-95 masks

And staying awake turned into a task

I was young, thought my immunity strong

Oh how I wish I wasn’t wrong.


This poem is about: 
Our world



I love this poem! It is one of the greatest that I have read in a long time

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