The Glow Now

I feel so much better
Better than before,
The hate I endured
Surely had no cure,
The way I looked
The way I spoke,
No one knows
The pain I took,
Amongst other things
A financial burden,
Despite other lies,
Everyday watered eyes,
I tried and I tried
Until trying was no more,
Living day to day
Looking for my Shemar Moore,
My looks was hideous
Well that's what I thought,
Being told countless of times
Your looks should be bought,
Growing older I understand now
Beauty is only skin deep,
Only I can recognize
The beauty that's outside
While others can only visualize
The beauty that's inside,
I have learned to love me
And that's all I need,
Seek validation For what
I'm grown now,
Beauty is ever-changing
Consider this the Glow now.

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My community
Our world
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