Why bully?

Why put others down to make you feel untroubled?

Day after day it's like a routine, making others feel abandoned.

Not because you want to, but because you must.

But why?

Why put yourself in a situation that could escalate ?

You make others feel inferior to your presence.

You make them pray for better days.

They will soon feel like no one cares.

Sometimes it just doesn't feel right.

Yet you just don't care.

But why?

 Soon you'll feel empty, you'll feel so tense.

You'll see how others felt due to your bullying.

You'll realize that bullying doesn't bring success.

Understanding means nothing to you.

Your reputation has no value.

This should you allow,

or change for the better?

By: Laureal Cummings

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My best friend was and still is a victim of bullying. Thank you for taking a chance to make them think about what they're doing and how what they do can have a big impact.


I hope your friend can contuie to fight against bullying and thank you for reading this.

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