Slow Down

“Slow down,” my mothers voice rang in my ears

I disregarded and tried to speed the merry go round to its limit

My hair floating through the air, free as the birds in the sky

Until it came to a stop

Upon my feet touching the ground, the world shook 

Shook, until my face replaced my feet 

My mother approached with a reaffirming grin and handed me some water

Trusting in her care I began to drink

Each subsequent sip proved more difficult

As I walked the blurry figures stared at me

Each step grew more cumbersome as the world shook

Shook, until my face replaced my feet

I peered at the horizon in hopes of a recognizable silhouette

But the only familiarity was a ringing

Echoing in my head, “Slow Down”

This poem is about: 
My family


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