The Struggle

Tue, 03/12/2013 - 21:11 -- buckle2

Can you imagine what it's like to struggle?
To be confined to a suffocating bubble.
To not be able to live peacefully and equally with man
Or be condemned because of your love of man.
We are taught that we are one.
We are taught that we are in life together.
But that is all said before the setting of the sun
And night descends on the faces of those
Who do not know of the struggle of most.
We know stories, we know books
But we have not received the looks.
I have. I still do.
The battle of color is of little concern
When there is another battle starting anew.
Jim Crow is now Uncle Sam.
And the struggle of the races has
Turned into the struggle to love.
The struggle to love freely and openly
Instead of people being bothered by shade
They are bothered by my love
For whom I am made.
The struggle for Civil RIghts has not ended
Instead, it has evolved and been amended
New looks await me.
New scars await me.
A new struggle is upon people like me.
I too have a dream.
I too want to climb the mountaintop
I too know the caged bird's song
I too am in a bubble.
I too am living the struggle.

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