A Hearts Puberty

You see, it's never the right time to say goodbye. Maybe on some Chris Brown ish, but with me, I'm looking for what you promised. Your heart, shoulder, knees and toes.
The things that had me fantasizing in class. Those same things that had me look up our signs on astrology.com to see if it was a true match.
It gave us five stars and I was cool with that, but maybe the stars were wrong. You started to flip on me. Expressing your love one minute and then concealing my piece of your heart and giving it to her.
I know we're young, but I wanted to love like we were grown. The type where you stick by each other through thick and thin, keeping your infidelity to a min., not showing it off not even hiding!
You held her just like I wasn't watching. Saw me call my girl who I confide in about you and the trifling things you did to my heart. Drake told me "that first love is the sweetest, but that first cut is the deepest" and I didn't listen.
Now I'm here stitching and stapling my heart with bloody hands, but the needle keeps slippin'. like i don't want it to close.See how I'm bleeding for you? Would SHE do this for you.
Something so rich and thick. Like the deception you poured into my veins. Went to the doctor and they told me something was wrong, my blood type was unknown. When I looked my DNA spelled out your name.
So, I'll keep bleeding and let the wound heal on its own after all I learned not to mix something immature with something so full grown.


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