Perfectly Imperfect

I’ve got nice hair

My teeth are alright

But neither are worthy of veneration.


The FLAWLESS part of me is my resilient nature.

I am not without flaws by any means.

I have learning, emotional, and psychological disorders

That are a part of my daily life.


ADD can make it hard to focus

Bipolar blows emotions and reactions way out of proportion

And Aspergers makes social interactions and logical thinking difficult


None of these things stop me from living

They may slow me down or make me falter in my steps to move foeward

But I have never allowed these hurdles to keep be on the ground for long


I get up EVERY MORNING… even when it’s hard

I work through the desire to zone out on every shiny thing that catches my eye

And I make an effort to get out of the house and interact with people


I’m a confirmation leader at my Catholic Church.

I’m preparing for winter session at my college.

And, I’m enjoying it all!


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