Don’t Waste Your Breath Trying to Stop Me


“How are you gonna pay for college?” they say.

“There’s just no way.” 

“But look at your cousin who’s a traveling nurse.”

“She carries millions of dollars in her purse.”

“How about your cousin who makes $750,000 a year as a radiologist?” 

“He is the richest.” 

“Your other cousin worked 40 hours a week and still maintained a 4.0”

“She graduated as a virgin; she is not a hoe.”

“You may want to reconsider your major.”

“Dispensing the wrong medicine could end the patient’s life in a blur.”

“You will never compare to your cousins.”

“Who went to school for shorter time than you have to, and they make tons.”

I’ve finally had enough.

I reply, in a huff, 

“I don’t care; all that money isn’t good.”

“My reason to be a pharmacist is misunderstood.”

“The pharmacist is the true healer of the patient.”

“A traveling pharmacist makes $10,000 more than a traveling nurse, to be blunt.”

“I am not in it for the money.” 

“Don’t ever compare anyone else to me.”

“I will do whatever I need to accomplish my goal.”

“The best benefit is not the bankroll.”

“The best benefit is helping patients to be their best.” 

“To aspire to work as a pharmacist, I am truly blessed.”

I’ve learned that even my own family can be jealous of me.

This is indeed true.

Jealousy can live anywhere. 

No matter what, life is never fair.

All I can do is follow my dreams,

no matter how tough they seem.

When there’s a will, there’s a way.

I will not let anyone turn my life into dismay.

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My family
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