What they Don't Know


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they say what they want
things they don't know
the taunters, the miss guided, the ill advised
the mean hearted and dim lighted
they lie,
they curse
run, hide
they say hurtful things
they cause tears
they make her cry
as if she is just a vessel
to carry all these labels
and terms
this is a special case, an intense tie
im the grand witness to what they find are facts, yet stand as bold face lies.

but what they don't know

she's torn up inside
has a dull image for life
yet she keeps moving
resilient, beautiful and brilliant
"keep your head down"
tired, yet fully awake like a boy in the wild.
she has built up walls to keep these thoughts out, an isolation from the world
defenses to keep her sanity
she's let me in this secret space
where i see her confidence and find her grace
i cannot hide, its a scary place
a place where a lesser man wouldn't stand to face
how can society see the beauty?
if her idea of life is keeping her head down and ignoring the signs?

not knowing her parents need her
and her shy innocent little sister
is a constant reminder of a simpler time
they nurture her and feed her
but not her stomach pains
an emotional void that saves a warm spot in the center of a cold cot

such a small girl with such slender shoulders
she has an internal fire
that society has smashed into soft smolders
she can not stand to carry these burdens alone
and for that reason i'll be around
for when she needs a person to be a rock, a safe sound

the people don't know

kids today don't prepare for tomorrow
they can't see the pain
or realize her sorrow
she has no peace to feel
no happiness to borrow

alone, thats the setting, she shouts
though she is surrounded by thousands of people
isolation is the key to fixing her mind, which is strong yet oh so feeble
her sanity is now something I am a part of keeping
is that the reason for our strange meeting?

thats a big task no doubt.
i take it on with a smile,
for i know if i was in the same boat, i would want the same action in the same style

as you're reading
i know you're thinking
"your young with a lot of life
why get caught up in all this mess
go out, get messed up its the best
forget this person and get moving"
well my card has been called on reaching this person
i dont want to go out and be just another man
causing pain and intense hurting
so please move on with that topic
im just like you, constantly learning
this rhyme is to heal, get it while it's still
a part of what I'm serving

why do we meet the people we do?
is there a reason for the things we go through?
am i supposed to change something grand in her life
make her realize she's vital to more than just herself?
am i just a breather for her to catch her image, then keep moving as she has been since before?
she is torn between happiness and depression
a constant battle of insults and oppression
am i here for progress or to watch a constant regression?

i do know that i will be here, on the inside of the walls
showing her what things should be like.
for a beautiful face, that reason, maybe
for a beautiful soul, that knowledge stays with me

these rhymes are hard to type, they come with my own heart fee
the feelings they create, those remain free
now read this as a journey, an adventure if you please?

and that is what they don't know



that was one of the most beautiful things i have ever read ♥


Please have others look over it and feel free to have them comment. Thank you.

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