Remember the Song

Tue, 03/05/2013 - 20:05 -- cnbaut


United States
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Look around you,
Do you see
All those wandering souls just waiting to be freed?
The boy watching the popular girl, too scared to approach,
Lest he be tormented for wanting to be close.
The child bullied in the hallway
For being the “teacher’s pet,”
All these sins of our childhood
That lead to despair and regret.
Broken hearts, slashed wrists, and death.


Take a stand,
Join hand by hand.
Religion and politics have separated humanity for far too long,
We have forgotten the words to the SONG-
The song whose words are ingrained in our minds,
Bearing the sweet melody of peace and love in kind,
The song by which our actions we are supposed to keep alive,
But no.

Because of social cliques that do not mix,
Sexuality and the color of one’s skin,
Stereotypical thoughts and mental sin,
It is not oceans that have divided us,
But ourselves.
Our thoughts.
Our deeds.
Brother against brother.
Sister against sister.

Yet humanity,
The faint cry of salvation still calls,
If we can only break these walls and together stand tall.


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