The Legend of Vivi and the Rosewood Tree


1306 Rae Anne Dr.
United States

Vivi was a dancer

Tip, tippity tap

Her feet intricately skipped

As if she were communicating

With the ground beneath her


Vivi never stopped dancing

Not for a moment -- tippity tap --

Always twirling under the same rosewood tree

Whose branches swooshed and ruby leaves scattered

Down to the ground beneath her


Vivi had many friends

Surrounded like a tree in a rainforest

Who would also come by

To caper and frolic -- tap tap tap --

With the ground beneath them


Vivi did not tell

Her friends of how

She was born from the nutrients of 

The motherly tree and its roots

From the ground beneath her


Vivi’s friends did not know

That cutting down these trees

For their personal gain

Would force Vivi to fall and faint

To the ground beneath her


Vivi still smiled

Her parted lips a crescent moon

Her teardrops rain for the smooth grass below

As she took her last breath, frail hands 

Gripping the earth beneath her


There, Vivi lies

Within the very same soil where she died

With a small sprout 

Barely the size of a pin

Growing from just above her


Vivi perhaps

Fills the sprout with hope and spirit

That the world one day

Will let her trees grow once again

Up to the sky above them

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Our world
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